Qualifying Standards

One of the reasons the Boston Marathon is so famous and popular among the running community is the fact that you need to hit certain standards in order to apply to enter the race. Each year these standards get more competitive, and despite popular belief hitting the standard doesn't even guarantee entry into the race! Hitting the standard will allow you to apply to race, and the race directors will fill as many spots as they can hold each year but those spots are filled based on the fastest times within each age group. For example, if you are a 37 year old male who ran a marathon in 3hrs and 2mins you will have a better chance of getting accepted than another male in your age group who ran 3hrs and 3mins. Below you can find the qualifying standards for the 2020 Boston Marathon.

2020 Men's Qualifying Standards
Age GroupQualifying Standard
18-343hrs 00min
35-393hrs 05min
40-443hrs 10min
45-493hrs 20min
50-543hrs 25min
55-593hrs 35min
60-643hrs 50min
65-694hrs 05min
70-744hrs 20min
75-794hrs 35min
80+4hrs 50min
2020 Women's Qualifying Standards
Age GroupQualifying Standard
18-343hrs 30min
35-393hrs 35min
40-443hrs 40min
45-493hrs 50min
50-543hrs 55min
55-594hrs 05min
60-644hrs 20min
65-694hrs 35min
70-744hrs 50min
75-795hrs 05min
80+5hrs 20min